Necessary Roughness: The process and importance of adding weapons

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We actually tried adding weapons way back when, and well, here’s the result of that:

(super old gif from our Gamemaker build in 2013…)

Suffice it to say it wasn’t so easy to get things working at that stage of development, so we just kept moving forward with developing hand to hand fighting and our dozens of enemies.

When we decided to return to implementing weapons, we realized how completely inconsequential and unnecessary they could actually be to our game. So we had a plan to do a quick level of implementation, see how they worked, and if they didn’t feel like they changed gameplay enough, ditch the idea and move on.

We started with adding the knife to the game, and I was very happy to see just how such a simple addition affected the game immediately. Now to show just how effective this one weapon was – here’s CT Punk, our lowest level enemy, doing some of his regular attacks.

CT Punk Attack 1
CT Punk Attack 2

As you can see above, CT Punk is weak, and his dirt kick inflicts Blind. Blind reduces your ability to strike effectively, but doesn’t do much in the way of Damage.

This is what it’s like when CT Punk has a knife:

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