Necessary Roughness: The process and importance of adding weapons

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Weapons come in different types and sizes. Tthere are small weapons, like knives, and large weapons, like pipes, batons, and 2x4s) and they all inflict a variety of status effects. Stabby weapons do “Bleed” while bludgeoning weapons inflict Exposed and Attack Down.

As for weapon durability, I’ve talked to many people and lurked on message boards and the consensus is players really dislike weapons “breaking” or otherwise just disappearing during fights in brawlers (and in Breath of the Wild) so I decided to avoid that altogether. Weapons disappearing when dropped sort of disadvantages a player who is already having a hard time, but that’s also the way an arcade game would work. As a single player experience, we have other ways to balance weapons, and so that’s the route I chose to take.

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