Necessary Roughness: The process and importance of adding weapons

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Rhonda breaks off pursuit of Lisa to pick up the pipe

Finally, if it wasn’t evident, enemies use weapons via the turn based mechanics as usual. We played with the idea of allowing enemies to use quick strikes with weapons, but it just wasn’t practical, and all that useful. We already had our real time characters, the runners and bicyclists. Enemies also use a turn to pick up a weapon, so an enemy that’s chasing you down might get distracted to go for a newly dropped weapon. This decision was so that the feature would fit within the “list system” that enemies run on.

Fun fact, in one of the most iconic Beat ’em Ups of all time, Final Fight – enemies rarely carry/attack with weapons, and when they do, they rarely drop them. The only enemy who carries, attacks with, drops, and picks his weapons back up is Sodom, the boss of the 2nd stage.

What’s considered an advanced technique in FF is fairly mundane in TiBC, which really highlights our focus on making battles more tactical and more thoughtful, with enemies who feel alive, like the bosses in other games.

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We have some cool posts lined up – coming much sooner than the last, tackling character design, and also – where did we get the idea for this unique turn based/real time brawler in the first place?

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