December 2018 Dev Log: The Evolution of Beatdown City’s Camera

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I talked about focusing on clarity of visuals in the last dev log, and as anyone who has worked on a camera, or seen a really bad camera can attest to, camera can play a big part in how you enjoy a thing. (I had shouting fits at Super Mario Sunshine) To that end, we wanted to add flair to our visuals because we have these cool tactical elements, so we might as well highlight them. To do that we decided very early on to to implement camera zoom to show off the coolness of the attacks being done, which has become … Read More

June 2018 Dev Log: Too many cooks, but instead of cooks, it’s enemies

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Hey everyone! In the lead up to launch we’re kicking off this new development blog (here’s the really old one) with one of my favorite parts of Treachery in Beatdown City – the enemies! Well, I mean I don’t like the enemies, as much as I like to fight them, because they are really obnoxious jerks and deserve to get their asses kicked by our 3 heroes. The Underlying Design Now a lot has happened since the initial kickstarter. In case you haven’t seen our new update, our first public update in 4 years, here’s the gist of it. Back … Read More