People: The protagonists of Beatdown City!

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This is an introduction to the 3 protagonists of Treachery in Beatdown City, aka East Fulton, USA.

From the left: Bruce Maxwell, Brad “The Bull Killer” Steele, & Lisa Santiago.

Bruce was born in Jamaica, having moved to East Fulton when he was very young. His family was moderately well off in Jamaica, but moved the US for larger opportunities. In the coming years the family was unable to find that mythical success and instead struggled to live in a rundown project building, eventually taking in another similarly disadvantaged Chinese family from the neighborhood.

Despite all odds, Bruce was a natural wiz at math and he was recruited out of High School to work with the wealthiest international investment firms in the world as he continued his studies and began to take care of his family. Now at 24, Bruce’s families each own a house in East Fulton and he enjoys a life of luxury when he’s not working as a high level executive.

Bruce enjoys buying suits, working out and studying Capoeira & Jeet Kun Do moves from online videos, including movies. Bruce prefers to learn things this way because he doesn’t like authority, as a self-made man himself. As a bit of an Otaku, Bruce has learned multiple Asian languages beyond Chinese in order to grow his other pastime of watching Asian action flicks and importing games, as well as allowing his company to expand into those markets as well.

Bruce is a bit of a show off, much to chagrin of all those around him, especially his longtime friend Lisa who he constantly tries to impress. Brad tries to keep Bruce in check, but they clash at times over Bruce’s brash, anti-authority attitude.

Bruce is the fastest and physically least powerful member of the three. His fighting style is nuanced and takes skill but comes with a large range of acrobatic strikes that, when combined, can increase his strength and defenses while leaving his foes at a great disadvantage. Bruce also has a naturally high ability to evade attacks, giving him the perfect opportunity to attack after a dodge.

Brad was born in Texas of Mexican/Spanish/Nordic ancestry. Though his family was of royal blood, he grew up as an illegal immigrant in Texas on a farm. When he was a teenager he was larger than most men in his town and so he began wrestling in and around the Texas-Mexico border. His first gimmick involved a back story that he had killed a bull with his bare hands, thus the nickname El Asesino Del Toro, or The Bull Killer.

In his mid-twenties Brad was courted by the largest wrestling company in the world where he enjoyed a modicum of success for a few years. After some time Brad had a falling out with the company over a controversy surrounding his family’s citizenship status in the US, and left wrestling for good. Eventually he moved to East Fulton to stay, at the age of 45, where he started a local community center in an under privileged neighborhood.

Brad is a mentor to Bruce & Lisa as well as everyone in his community. Many think he should run for some sort of office, but he avoids anything that would bring him and his family into the spotlight again.

Brad is the slowest, but strongest, member of the group. He focuses most on trying to wear down his opponents and do high damage with throws and other explosive, but low accuracy, moves.

Last, and certainly not least, Lisa was born and raised by her 2nd generation Puerto Rican mother and father. Lisa grew up around the East Fulton Police Department, where her dad worked his way up to eventually become Chief where he currently remains. This time spent around the police gave Lisa both a love and disdain for the police as she saw things from the inside on all levels.

Growing up in an upper middle class family, Lisa did not want for much as a kid. She is currently finishing up in Police Academy while also studying forensic science. Lisa enrolled in the police academy primarily to make her dad happy and although she doesn’t necessarily mind the idea of being a police officer, her ambitions reach far beyond into the sciences and a more visceral love for fighting.

Lisa trains and fights in various Mixed Martial Arts organizations, as a poorly kept secret, having held a couple of championship belts before the age of 22. Unhappy with what was offered to girls in gym, Lisa took up boxing in her teenage years as well as amateur wrestling. Her natural talent lead her to become a force to be reckoned with for both women and men in various gyms. Lisa knows that MMA is not a long term career but she enjoys the thrill of fighting, so she works hard to juggle all three of her interests.

She looks up to Brad for his role in the community and his former pro wrestling stardom, although she constantly makes fun of how fake pro-wrestling is. Lisa tolerates Bruce because he’s a good guy underneath all of his posturing and they have been friends since high school, but wishes he wouldn’t try so hard.

Lisa is the middle weight character, having good levels of defense, health and offense. She focuses on striking and grabs with some ground attacks thrown in for good measure. Many of her moves cause enemies extra pain after the fact, or can slow them down to gain the upper hand.

shawnPeople: The protagonists of Beatdown City!